I am Joey Davis, Republican candidate for North Carolina house in Richmond, Montgomery and Stanly counties and this is my story.

I come from a working class family. My dad worked in the furniture factories, my mom in the hosiery mills. I experienced the daily struggle of hard working parents trying to raise three sons. In Raleigh, I’ll work to make sure we have a strong economy that provides good jobs for everyone.

I am a product of our public school system. Without the dedication and devotion of our public school teachers I wouldn’t have made it to Wake Forest. They made my success possible. In Raleigh, I’ll work to make our schools better.

I understand the struggle to pay for college and the crushing burden of student debt. I remember hot summer days spent stacking socks and 2 am rides home from my night job just to pay for gas and food and textbooks. In Raleigh, I’ll work to make college more affordable.

I understand the high cost of health care. Under Obamacare, my premiums tripled and my coverage got worse. In Raleigh, I’ll work to make health insurance more affordable for everyone.

Send me to Raleigh and I’ll make sure Raleigh works for everyday families like yours and mine.

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