Second Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is not about deer hunting and skeet shooting. I refer to it as the “Protection Amendment.” The 2nd Amendment protects your 1st Amendment rights to speak freely and to worship freely. The 2nd protects your 4th Amendment rights to privacy and personal property and illegal government seizure.


School Safety

School tragedies have sadly become far too common in recent years. There is no gun law that will prevent these tragedies. But we can do a better job of protecting our kids and our classrooms. I support allowing teachers and administrators to have firearms on campus. I support security guards at all school entrances. I support closed circuit cameras in school hallways to reduce response times. I support barrier methods for teachers to secure their classrooms from outside entry.

Rural Economic Investment

Cities like Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro have vast resources both public and private at their disposal to generate economic growth. Rural areas like Richmond and Montgomery counties have trouble just funding essentials like Social Services, Sheriff’s departments, public works and employee healthcare. Investment in economic development is often a luxury that can’t be afforded. In the legislature I will prioritize funding for rural economic development.


Religious Freedom

I believe the purpose of “Separation of church and State” is preventing the State from interfering with the free exercise of religion. As such I believe it’s okay to say a prayer before a high school football game. I believe it’s okay to display the 10 commandments in our classrooms and our courthouses. I believe it’s okay to have “In God We Trust” on our police cars, fire trucks and in our courtrooms. I believe it’s okay to teach bible courses in our classrooms.